Custom Label Water: Benefits of Being Particular About the Water You D

Whenever you step into a supermarket these days, you will be overwhelmed by the number of bottled drinking water brands to choose from. People who don’t pay attention to certain specifics often pick any brand. On the other hand, there are those who prefer certain brands. These are people who understand the benefits of drinking quality water. Custom label water offers you all these and more in ways that will make you shift your perception about bottled drinking water.


Electrolyte Enhancement

Our bodies are not 60% water without reason. Water gives us our body weight, keeps the body cells healthy and it’s the substance that offers the elements required for cellular coordination. Different people need different amounts of trace minerals to keep their bodily functions top-notch. This means that the bottled water brand that works for you may not work another person. The challenge is taken care of by custom label water companies that are in the business or water customization to suit your needs.



We live in a world where water is no longer a tasteless consumable product. To nullify this notion, there are even global water tasting contests. Companies take part in these competitions to have their bottled water brands voted as the best in taste. With the customized brands, you don’t have to sample various bottles to note whether the water taste that quenches your thirst with a touch of satisfaction. This is because the water can be customized to taste as you want it to without missing a tinge of its formulated flavor.


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Alkalinity and Acidity

Water alkalinity and acidity is a quality factor that many take for granted. However, this is an important factor that you ought to consider because your biological functions depend on it. Excess alkalinity can have adverse effects on your body cells. This because the cells are more productive when their environment is at a specific pH level – one that is determined by the kind of water you drink. The same can be said about excess acidity which can lead to stomach complications. Note that other than the pH factor, excess availability of certain minerals in your drinking water can also affect your oral health.


Source and purification process

It’s significant to know where the water you drink comes from. While their water bottling companies that use recycled water, others fill the niche of those who are in search of natural spring water. It’s significant to note that the source may, at times, not be as important as the purification process.

Some of the state-of-the-art purification processes that you can look out for include micro-filtration and reverse osmosis. Companies that are particular about drinking water quality combine the above processes with carbon filtration to meet the highest standards in the world of custom label water bottling. Customized water puts you in a social class of your own. While this may not be a big deal to most people, it’s a big deal to your health prospects.…

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